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Every holiday during the pandemic has found us rethinking how to celebrate it, whether a birthday or national holiday. Halloween is one such occasion and in some ways a more critical one.

In the past having little ones (and some big ones) show up at our door in their latest costume favorites was a cause for joy and fun banter while filling their plastic jack o lanterns with candy. But now the whole practice seems to collide with the safe practices called on to reduce the transmission of Covid19.

Given that reality, your Olympus Homeowners Board would like to recommend alternatives to “door to door trick or treating."

  1. Check out the CDC’s recommendation for Halloween 2020. Not only are there smart guidelines but also some good, creative alternatives to keep Halloween fun.

  2. Consider BOOCASTLE put on by the City of Newcastle specifically for Newcastle kids.

Choose to make this Halloween a new adventure. There's still lots of fun to be had!

Annual Meeting:
Nov. 16th, 6:30pm (video chat)


Volunteer your time on the Board! The following positions are now open:

  • ACC-3 (Board Position 8)


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